Save time: Use a publishing platform

Save time: Use a publishing platform

Lets face it; no one has time to log into twitter ten times a day, let alone all the other social media platforms we are using simultaneously that require attention. Automation is key when it comes to keeping on top of social media and its demands.

Using a publishing platform such as the Digital Intelligence Tool gives you three key benefits:

  1. the ability to see when and where your audience are chatting and, most importantly, what they are saying;
  2. allows you to schedule and publish your posts with ease, freeing up your delivery time so you can focus on what really matters such as developing creative marketing content; and
  3. allows you to use the same (or similar and tailored) content across multiple channels simply by ticking some boxes.

There are a myriad of publishing tools.  Yes, you could use Hootsuite, but Hootsuite doesn’t allow you to see what your market is talking about, and which platforms and times of day they prefer to communicate.

If you’re serious about content marketing and social media, we recommend using a digital marketing publishing tool that will enable you to do more than simply publish.  Get savvy and target your approach, while leveraging your content and cutting through to the right people quickly.

Save time by:

  1. allowing the market to tell you what they want;
  2. managing posts and responses quickly and easily in one place; and
  3. share and re-tweet others content directly from the tool.

The limitations? Unfortunately it doesn’t yet write your posts for you.

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