How to use FB Live for commercial results

How to use FB Live for commercial results

Facebook Live (Live) is the new shiny, shiny in the marketing world. But what is it and how do you make it work for your business? The following article will give you everything you need to know to use this new tool or to assess if it is right for you and your organisation.

What is Facebook Live?

Live is a video recording and publishing tool. It allows you to engage with your current and potential followers through the ever-increasingly and popular medium of video.

And you can create Facebook Live videos for free with the existing video software you already have.

Simply login to your company Facebook or individual page, tap the Live icon button, record your message and then your video becomes a post. (Read on for the more specific tips relating to settings and SEO titles).

Why is video so important for marketing?

Did you know that 92% of mobile video consumers share video with others? And video on landing pages increases conversion by 80%? Plus, video in emails increases open rates by 200 to 300% and people comment 10X more on Live video (source:

Video has become the tool of choice for communicating brand stories and building relationships with target audiences. Video is quick and easy to digest, can be accessed by mobile on the run, it is entertaining, informative and it is easy to share with others.

How does it work?

Live videos show a red icon at the top of the video so you know it is streaming to you in real time and there is also a number on the video that shows the number of people tuning in.

Live videos on Facebook can be up to 90 minutes long. Facebook recommends videos that are 10 minutes in length are the most effective.

Here is a brilliant article on how to get started and manage Live including detailed screen shots.

Getting your video seen and heard

Once you have finished filming your Live video, it will remain on your page as a normal post so people can re-watch it or view it if they missed it “live”.  You can also pay to “boost” your video like you would a Facebook ad or post. This allows your video to reach a wider audience.


There are many benefits of Facebook Live ads:

  • They are cost effective and easy to use
  • There is no need for you to purchase additional video software
  • Audiences expect video to be a bit rough so you save money by not having to have expensive production processes
  • Facebook Live videos have a better “weighting” and will appear higher in your newsfeed than static video and posts
  • People who subscribe to receive your Live videos will receive a message when you are streaming your video

Tips for Live success

  • Use WiFi or at the least 4G to record your video so you have a strong connection
  • Captions are a great idea to boost the viewing of your video. Only 5% of people click on Facebook videos to hear the sound (here is a great article on how to add captions):
  • Wait two hours after posting your Live video before you post other static posts as it will cannibalise your messages
  • Plan your content strategy – what do you want to say, who to, what do you want them to do about it, how often and how will you communicate with them?
  • Let your audience know about your event in advance and promote your upcoming Live event across all your marketing channels
  • Practice what you are going to say before you go Live, then do a practice video (select setting “only me can see”)
  • Optimise your video with the right description and key words
  • Don’t forget to analyse your results

How can your business benefit from Live?

  • Use Live to promote your events to newcomers (think fundraising events, training, fitness etc) to gain a future following
  • Capture customer testimonials using Facebook Live
  • Host a “series” ie. a regular segment that communicates with your audience. Ask for audience input during the video (great for consultants)
  • Test drive products or services or give product demonstrations
  • Host debates, interviews and training sessions

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