Flipping a Marketing Myth

Flipping a Marketing Myth

The myth to flip:  80% of marketing is the creative idea and graphic representation.

That leaves a mere 20% of marketing using the left brain for analytical and process purposes.

That was the case some time ago… but not today.  The marketing landscape is changing as rapidly as IT, which is great on many levels.  What it takes to create great marketing strategies and initiatives today is more accessible to a wider group of people, rather than being the realm of the creatively talented.  As Marketing and Business Consultants it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest marketing tools and trends.  It’s also our job to wade through the fads and help business owners choose the right tools to help them get some traction in their lead generation.

Lets take a quick look at flipping the myth:  80% of good marketing today is based on left brain activity: data analysis, trend analysis, research and good processes and automation.  This leaves 20% for the incredibly powerful creative aspect and imagery.


Firstly, anyone can create great marketing if they have the right information at hand.  To get the information, you simply need the right systems in place.  These systems are available to anyone, not just marketers, and they are more affordable than ever before.

So here’s the upshot:

Left brain activity 1:  Analyse your current and past clients and identify who is your ideal target market.  Get the facts and then focus on replicating these customers.

Left brain activity 2:  Prioritise your clients (current and past) into A, B and C categories.  In doing so it will become obvious which ones you could be offering more products and services to.  As the age-old marketing saying goes, it’s easier to sell to someone you have a relationship with than those you don’t.

Left brain activity 3:  Map out the processes to manage your communications for prospects and clients.  We call these Touch Point campaigns.  Think about the experience you would like them to have from wo-to-go.  Then draw it in a process diagram and build it into a business process.

Right brain activity 1:  Create engaging offers and content to entice your prospects and customers to purchase from you.  This is where you want to get a little creative.  The offer, words and images all matter, so spend a bit of time getting these right.  If you’re not a creative type – this is something you should consider outsourcing.

Left brain activity 4:  Measure and analyse your results.  It’s as simple as including time in your diary each week to review the marketing activities and the results they are producing.  This is made even simpler when supported by simple marketing measurement systems.  Often its a case of tweaking to get improvements rather than trying something completely new, but you won’t know unless you have good, factual data.

We challenge you to work your way through each of these activities in the next 2 months.  In less than 20% of a year, you could increase the value of your marketing activities by 80%.  Give it a try and report back.


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