Changing Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

Changing Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Beliefs

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Ok so you want to be a successful Consultant, yet it seems no matter what you try you never quite reach your ultimate goal and success eludes you.

To be a successful business person or consultant you need to have strong will power, passion to do whatever is required to reach your goals and the where-with-all to stick to your plan. How can you do that when you keep hitting the same brick walls?

How frustrating!

Stop for a moment and reflect on what is really going on in your world.  If you’re hitting brick walls, or not quite achieving what you desire, you may be grappling with hidden sabotage masters (aka limiting beliefs).  Often limiting beliefs play a significant role in obstructing our progress, and sometimes we don’t even know we have them.

The most common obstruction to success I see in business is self limiting beliefs.  My time as a high performance mentor and NLP practitioner has revealed no matter what the belief is, the great news is, you can choose to change it if you really want to.  Let’s take a closer look at Beliefs and how they impact our success.

What is a belief? 

A belief is simply a repeated thought.  Some are empowering, and others are disempowering.

They direct our actions and thoughts, which if allowed, the disempowering beliefs can wreak havoc in our worlds without us being aware of their existence.  Often beliefs have been with us since childhood, they become habitual and engrained.  When we take the time to look at them we often find that they are no longer supportive or true.  Most people go through life on cruise control and don’t take the time to clear up unsupportive beliefs, blissfuly ignorant they are running their lives on autopilot at the whim of old beliefs.

Examples of common limiting beliefs include:

  • I’m not good with money
  • I’m not good at anything
  • Don’t trust anyone
  • Relationships never work out
  • I’m not a good learner
  • I’m terrible at business
  • Nothing I ever do works how I want it to
  • I always come last
  • I don’t deserve to be successful
  • Successful people always stand on others
  • I’m a procrastinator
  • I never finish anything
  • I’m not wealthy
  • I’m not confident
  • I’m afraid of success (which ironically the same thing as ‘I’m afraid of failure’ just from a different angle)
  • And the list goes on…

Why is it important to clear up beliefs?

If you find yourself repeating behaviours that generate less then useful results, you are probably opearting from a limiting belief.  If you can related to any of the limiting beliefs above, then perhaps it’s time to do something about letting them go.  People generally want to perform at their best, so in order to do that, we need to clear out limiting beliefs and choose new empowering ones.

Points to note about beliefs:

  • They are not always true, they often seem real because they have been with us for some time.
  • They can be changed to an empowering belief.
  • They can run our lives without us being aware of them if we don’t take the time to work with them.
  • They are a personal thing, what seems important to me may be totally irrelevant or insignificant to you.

 How do we change a belief?

There are some simple processes we can use to change limiting beliefs. The intensity of beliefs is very personal, it is important that you decide for yourself what your limiting beliefs are and how deeply they sit, and whether you want to let them go.

Here are the first steps to changing your beliefs.
Please note, we cannot give you the full process as we recommend only qualified practitioners take you through it:

  1. Identify your limiting belief and state it clearly and accurately
  2. Check whether it is useful in any way or any situation
  3. If it’s not useful, we can change it completely, if it is useful in some situations, we can keep it for those and change it for situations where it is limiting
  4. Notice whether the belief is still true for you.  Do you know when you decided to believe it? For some beliefs it is simply a matter of being aware that it is no longer true, and this allows you to let it go easily.

For deeper or more emotionally engrained beliefs we recommend you do a Belief Change Process with a qualified practitioner to ensure the process is completed safely and with ecology.  A personal mentoring session may help you clear the block that is stopping you from taking the next break through step. We’d love to help you make that change if you’re up for it!


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