Build yourself a Success Sandwich

Build yourself a Success Sandwich

June 28, 2016 Uncategorized 0

If you’ve ever studied the most successful people in business (or any career) they all have a specific success routine or system the subscribe to. They start their day with a certain set of habits that create positive thoughts and focus.

Here’s my idea on this…. the ‘Success Sandwich’! And it’s not called that because I happen to be sitting in a cafe blogging… I call it this because it is structured a bit like a sandwich.

A Success Sandwich has 3 key parts:

  1. The healthy base choice, metaphorically this is the bread or what ever else you prefer to create a solid base for your sandwich. In reality it is the process or habits you use to start the day.  For example, I start with a meditation before I get out of bed. It is generally 10-20 minutes – however long I can get before the kiddliwinks come bouncing into my room.  I complete it with a focus on what I’d like to have achieved by the end of the day.  Sometimes this is a feeling, sometimes it’s specific objectives or actions. Then I mentally commit to that and get on with the day.
  2. The tasty bits in the middle. Again, metaphorically, this is a create your own type of sandwich, so you can add include anything you like.  In reality, these are the activities and thoughts you engage in throughout the day.  They are the people you meet, the conversations you have, the agreements you make and the wins or lessons.  It can include business only or business and lifestyle.  I prefer to mix them together for a complete tasty masterpiece.
  3. The healthy topper.  You guessed it this is the bread (or other choice) you use to complete the sandwich.  In reality it refers to the process or habits you choose to complete your day.  For example, I spend 10 minutes reviewing what worked and what could be improved in my day, what needs to carry over and what is completed. I also have an electronic notepad that I use each night before drifting off to sleep, where I note down the one key improvement or positive experience I had that day.  This is a great way to focus your brain on positive messages and mentally acknowledge yourself. The great thing about doing this is you wake up in a positive frame of mind.  Try it!

So that’s it… the Success Sandwich.  It’s easy, doesn’t take long and it has unexpected positive outcomes for those who use something like this. Oh! And it’s good for you!

We’d love to hear what you do as part of your Success System.  Feel free to share in the comments or join us in our Private Facebook Community: Consult Me Community.

Here’s to your success!

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