Are you on trend?

Are you on trend?

Trend: a general direction in which something is developing or changing

No doubt you’re aware of the ‘social media’ trends and the move towards digital medias to promote all sorts of businesses via social and digital channels.  These days, that’s a given.  What we would like to discuss here is whether you are on trend with your markets needs and wants, and are you aware of what is trending in your industry from the perspective of your customers?

Have you joined the conversation?

Or are you at least following the conversation to understand what your market are talking about?  What makes them happy, sad, angry, upset, vocal?  Who/what do they speak positively about?  Who/what are they complaining about?

If you’re not keeping up with the trending conversations, you’re most likely missing some excellent opportunities to meet your market and deliver what they want.  In many industries, consumers are talking loudly and frequently on digital channels telling you exactly what they like and don’t like.  The companies who listen to these conversations and act quickly to deliver solutions win the wallet of the market.

Thankfully it doesn’t matter if your market is in Brisbane, Australia or a national or global market – you can listen to their chatter from the comfort of your own desk, so there’s really no excuse not to join the conversation.

The power of Influencers

Social media platforms have allowed conversations to go viral. One comment or opinion posted from a desktop or mobile can reach hundreds and thousands of other listeners simply by applying a hash tag and getting shared here and there.  All of a sudden one comment has the power to influence a mass audience.

Those fleeting comments have the potential to leverage or denigrate a message you may be trying to send out to your consumers.  Knowing who your audience is listening to enables you to develop a relationship with key Influencers to support your product, service or brand.

On the flip-side, being alerted to negative comments made about your brand by people with large groups of followers is critical to effective reputation management.

Access to these conversations is now easier than ever.  Using smart marketing tools such as the Digital Intelligence tool you can capture real time data from a range of social media platforms and collate and analyse the data in one convenient place.  Use this data to help you create the right message, send it at the right time, to the right people via the right platform.

Stop guessing what the next trend ‘could be’

Often your market will tell you exactly what to talk to them about.  Follow the conversations to understand what is trending now so that you can create potent content that is on trend with your markets interests.  The secret is capturing the data and creating compelling content quickly.

Keeping on trend doesn’t equal expensive

As Marketing Consultants we see the evidence daily that it is more expensive to guess and get it wrong, than to invest a little into getting useful data.  With Industry Reports starting at $199 + GST it is worth the investment to get up to date with the trends.  See, being trendy isn’t that expensive after all.

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