Apps Splat

Apps Splat

March 29, 2016 Uncategorized 0

Here are a few useful apps we’ve come across recently we thought we should share with you. Some of these we have used, some of them we haven’t.  Feel free to add any others you find useful in the comments.


Great for hosting video and audio for those of you creating eClasses or recordings of webinars. Some free access and some really smart features on the paid version, including access gateways. We use this one.

Get Site Control:

Awesome extra widgets to add to your website – subscribe popups, surveys, subscribe, follow, share… Easy installation, especially for WordPress sites. The free version gives you access to most things. The paid versions gives you access to some smarts such as A/B testing, advanced targeting and autoresponders. We are currently trialling this one.

Braintree Payments:

Now there’s no need to have expensive payment gateways in order to accept credit cards online.  This system is owned by PayPal, and allows you to take recurring payments across a myriad of currencies in one click. Easy to install. Low-ish fees charged as a fee per transaction.  We are using this for our Membership recurring fees.


For those of you who love taking notes using Mind Maps – this one is great.  From the inventor of Mind Mapping – Tony Buzan. Easy to use and very agile. There is a free trial. The software isn’t cheap, so if you’re looking for a free or more cost effective system, try SimpleMind+ which is free from the App Store. We use SimpleMind+ currently.


Another one for those techy types that are creating video and audio files for distribution. This is an alternative system for publishing audio and video content. Easy to use, but you must have an Amazon S3 account to use it. We don’t use this one but we have been a consumer of content using this system and its a great experience.


Video content is such a big thing these days, it pays to have some quick and easy ways to create quick video clips for social posting. We’re currently trialling this one.

Feel free to share any other systems or apps you find helpful in a marketing, business development or content creation capacity in the comments below.  We’ll do another App Splat shortly!

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