Apps Splat

Apps Splat

We haven’t shared an Apps Splat for a while so we wanted to put together a list that we hope has something for everyone. Enjoy!


Claiming to be ‘a beautiful Instagram experience for your desktop’ so you can do all the things you can do in Instagram on your phone, on your computer, such as upload photos without the use of a scheduling tool. For those that use Instagram for business, we can see how this would come in handy and there are also Safari and Chrome extensions available. The best part? They have a free version with most of the features and the pro version is only $9.99. We’re going to check this one out ourselves.

Movable Ink

Movable Ink’s agileEMAIL platform claims to generate substantial lifts in key performance metrics and email marketing campaign ROI. The work samples they have on their website look great and it seems as though it would be easy to use. The one thing we couldn’t find on the website, is how much it actually costs!


If you need help with content creation, Flipboard is for you! Flipboard takes content from an RSS feed, Twitter list, or category (you select your interests) and displays it in a flippable magazine format. You can also choose to receive email updates as often as you like, we all receive daily updates in the CMG office to keep on top of trending content easily. Flipboard is free and really easy to set up – highly recommended!


Slack is a messaging app for teams to make working together simpler and more productive. One of the great things about Slack is that it archives conversations in case you ever need to go back and check on something. Prices range from free through to $12.50 per user/ per month.


The project manager for the non-project manager! Casual helps you organize tasks and ideas as you might imagine them to look. In short, it is a very visual project management tool to create simple workflows online. Casual has a free 14-day trial.

As always, if you have any other apps or tools you would like to share with us, please do so in the comments below.

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