5 tips for a more productive day

5 tips for a more productive day

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Do you ever find yourself sitting at your desk, staring at your computer but not actually achieving anything? Or do you have days where the motivation to get things done is non-existent? It happens to us all… So we have collated a list of 5 tips for a productive workplace for those days you when you feel as though you have lost your mojo and need an extra push.

  1. Clean workspace = clear mind

I’m sure you’ve heard this before… but I’m as guilty as the next person, so a reminder can’t hurt. Can you see the top of your desk or is it full of clutter and piles of paper and bits and pieces? Is your desk tidy but your desktop an assortment of files and images in no particular order? Make your first job today a clean up! Studies have shown that less clutter can improve productivity and reduce stress, which will probably take less than 15 minutes and is definitely a win-win! I also find that when everything on my desk top is filed where it should be, I waste less time looking for things.

Action: Clean your desk and desktop!

  1. Allocate productive meeting days

Productive meetings are ones that move your business forward.  These should be a high priority for any business owner. When I started one of my consulting businesses, I used to tag Tuesdays and Thursdays for Face-to-face or phone meetings.This helps to reduce wasted travelling time to and from meetings and what I found was when you aim to fill two days a week with meetings, you end up having more meetings.  But the key is to ensure they are productive meetings, so focus on initial prospect meetings or brainstorming sessions with alliance or referrals partners.  We understand that it may might not always be achievable, but you will notice a gain in time through a reduction in travel time. You will also have the other days clear to get your work done without interruption.

Action: Choose your 2-3 meeting days and allocate them in your diary. Focus on filling those days.

  1. Take a lunch break

Take a minute to think about how often have you heard someone say this, or read it, or even thought it. Taking breaks makes us more productive in the long run so if you frequently eat lunch at your desk try mixing it up, even if it’s just for 15 minutes to recharge before pressing on for the afternoon. If you work from home, go for a quick walk around the house, to the letter box… anything to get the body moving so the blood flows and the brain keeps active and refreshed.

Action: Use your diary to schedule your lunch break (even if it is only 15 minutes) and stick to it! Make it a non-negotiable priority.

  1. Move more

Building on point 3 above… Regular exercise helps us reduce stress and has been shown to improve alertness, energy and in turn productivity. A sit-stand desk, walking whilst on the phone or a brisk walk at lunch time are all great ways to get the blood pumping and creativity flowing. This all helps to clear the mind, improve focus and keep your energy levels up to get all your tasks done efficiently.

5. Use technology to connect

If you live a distance from your clients, use technology to have meetings rather than travel. Some clients may find this a little difficult at first, but try it with them and point out the benefits to them. They may be nicely surprised. I’ve made it my preferred meeting mode and my clients appreciate it. It saves time which means you can use that time to create income, meetings don’t tend to drag out, and it saves petrol and parking costs… I can’t recommend this highly enough. We use Skype or a webinar system to host conference calls.

I’m off to clear my desk now…

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