3 easy steps to get the right people talking about you

3 easy steps to get the right people talking about you

The holy grail of marketing is ‘Word of mouth’ marketing.  It’s the warmest form of lead generation anyone can get.  The question is how do you get the right people talking about you?

The great news is with the advent of digital media channels and the proliferation of social media, your market (and potential market) are talking about you.  All you need to do is listen and respond.

Who is talking about you?

It is quick, easy and cost effective to identify who is saying what, where and when using a Digital Intelligence tool to capture the conversations as they happen.

The real question is who do you want talking about you?

Here’s an example of how to leverage the power of Word of Mouth Marketing:

Step 1:  Order a Digital Intelligence Industry report

Step 2:  Identify the top Influencers and those who have their posts most shared

Step 3:  Decide how to engage with them or others like them to talk about your products/services


Here’s how its done in real life… This is an actual re-tweet from the Grill’d Burgers Digital Intelligence monitor.

LolaBerry Influencer eg Grilld

As Marketing Consultants, here’s what we see other food retailers can take from this:

  1. Lola Berry is a Nutritionist with a large following on Twitter and other social channels.  She has over 10,000 followers on Twitter alone.
  2. Lola is partnered with Grill’d Burgers to help them create healthy food options and communicate them to the market.
  3. Being a leading nutritionist with a high profile, she adds a high level of 3rd party credibility to Grill’ds communications.
  4. Lola often tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram spreading positive word of mouth comments about Grill’d Burgers.


  1. Get an Industry Report or Competitor Report to help you identify a key influencer in your market who can add credible 3rd party endorsements.
  2. Create a mutually beneficial relationship
  3. Work together to build strong word of mouth content distributed through your and your partners digital media.


Digital Intelligence offers real time data and can assist businesses identify who their influencers are in a social media context and use them to leverage their own marketing messages to ensure your marketing efforts are achieving maximum results. Harness the conversation and use it to drive engagement and conversions by getting the right people talking about you.

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