2017 Marketing Trend Round Up

2017 Marketing Trend Round Up

2016 is coming to a close and as you will have seen there are a number of articles out there predicting all sorts of marketing trends for the year to come.

We have reviewed the many many lists and come up with our top 5 favourite predictions below.

1. Experiential marketing will soar

Live events to showcase products are really taking off! It’s no surprise with the shift in more personalised marketing over the past few years, it only seems like a natural progression that fun, hands on activities would help to sell products.

The takeaway, whatever you decide to do it must fit in with your brand. Don’t host an event/pop up or campaign for the events sake, come up with ideas on what you can do to emmerce consumers into your brand and/or product.

2. Influencer marketing is here to stay

We all know how popular influencer marketing has been over the past 12 months and can comfortably say it isn’t going anywhere! Be sure to approach influencers with a real connection to your brand and treat the arrangement as a business transaction. Collaborate with the influencer to ensure the campaign roll out is going to work for both of you, what you may think will work may not be right for the influencers audience. Working together will ensure success.

3. Everything must be personal

Whether it’s streamlining the purchasing process or the management of touch points with your customers, it must be personal. There has never been a greater need for personalised marketing, so be sure to put all the data you have been collecting over the years to good use. It is essential that you get your target market clearly and accurately defined so you can personalise properly and efficiently. Niches will become more important as personalisation increases. Remember the riches are in the niches (especially if done well).

4. Video goes viral

If Pokemon Go has taught us anything this year, it’s that video is just as important as ever and we can see there will be some cool virtual reality tools in all of our futures. Be sure to keep on top of video trends over the coming year and take a look at your marketing practices to see where you might be able to incorporate some video content.

5. Data is key

With the increased importance of automised and personalised marketing, data is more important than ever. As marketers we will be more reliant on data to ensure our marketing practices moving forward are both efficient and effective.

6: Exceptional Brand Experiences

My personal prediction based on everything I’ve read and observed is those businesses who create exceptional brand experiences that leave a positive impression are going to impress their customers and make people return and rave. The businesses that adopt this philosophy quickly, will maximise their long term customer value, leaving their competitors wondering what happened.

We hope you enjoyed this weeks blog, be sure to leave any comments you may have below.

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